The old proverb - "it takes a village to raise a child" - still remains true in modern times. In the shanty towns, families are dependent on their community for support. This support comes in many forms, one of which is child care.

Image may contain: 2 people, people smilingChildren that are not yet of school age often stay home, which means that each family loses one parent's income. This financial difference can determine whether there will be enough food for the week or not. However, if there is a community wawawasi (daycare center), children are able to spend their early years learning to interact and socialize. Not only will this encourage a healthy learning environment, it can also double the family's income. A wawawasi will benefit the entire community as a whole, which is why Reciprocity prioritizes the construction of wawawasis in shanty town communities.

One of the wawawasis that we've built and supported in the past years in Bello Horizonte has recently been approved by the government as a colegio (school), allowing them to grow and continue their great work within the community. We will be helping the Bello Horizonte community once again in the coming months by expanding the building so that it can accommodate more students. This is an ideal example of how the foundation Reciprocity help to establish has become sustainable by the community! What a great success for Bello Horizonte!

Another project we are doing is helping Pircas del Mirador, a new community, form their very own wawawasi. The Reciprocity team and our volunteers have purchased and delivered the wood to the community, so we will begin the construction of that wawawasi in the coming weeks!

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We are very excited for the growth of our Education Program through these amazing wawawasis!

Meygan Ngo
Communications &
Project Coordinator
Reciprocity NGO 🌈


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