One of the five principles that define the Andean way of life is:
ayni - the force of reciprocity.

Ayni, both a noun and a verb, refers to the mutualism between humans and Pachamama (Mother Earth) as well as the reciprocity within human to human interactions. Ayni celebrates how all of the world's energy is mutually connected and interrelated. It is a form of equality in which we lift each other up so that everyone grows.


"A tree is watered by a human, and the tree uses this water to convert carbon dioxide into oxygen and glucose. The oxygen is used by humans to perform respiration and survive, and some glucose may eventually find its way into products that humans use such as fruits. In return, humans convert oxygen back to carbon dioxide for use by the tree, as well as plant seeds the tree produced to create more trees. The simple of act of watering a tree can also reap in rewards including by not limited to: creating shade, wind barriers, soil anchors, and more."

At Reciprocity NGO, we strive to keep the spirit of ayni alive through our social projects in the pueblos jóvenes. "Today for you; tomorrow for me."

Meygan Ngo
Communications &
Project Coordinator
Reciprocity NGO 🌈


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