THE ANCIENT PERU: Under the rule of reciprocity!!!

When it comes the administration of the Inca’s Empire (Tahuantinsuyo in Quechua), it is necessary to emphasize the operation of a basic principle: the reciprocity.

The reciprocity

It was common among the peasant communities of the Andean region, before the arrival of the Incas. It consisted in the practice of solidarity and mutual help among the members of a community. For example, the inhabitants of an “ayllu” (a group of families living in the same community), collaborated with each other to plant and harvest in the subsistence fields. On the occasion of a marriage, the whole community helped to raise the house of the newlyweds. The Incas incorporated the principle of reciprocity of the ayllu, as one of the bases of the economic and social functioning of their Empire. The reciprocity was based on the increase of family ties. That is, the multiplication of kinship ties was necessary for the existence and continuity of reciprocity.

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Our present day communities

It is a great satisfaction to be still living under that rule. As we are often visiting our communities on the hillsides of Lima, we confirm that a big porcentage of them have a very old administration system that can be compared with the Incas main rule. Everybody is helping each others by organising different activities such as: “polladas”, “frejoladas”, “cuyadas”, etc. (Food sale), All of them based on gathering money in order to help a family or a person in need. This is how many houses are built and many neighbors count on medical assistance.


Reciprocity was created based on helping our Andean communuties living in Lima 7 years ago under the name of a Tour Company (Haku Tours) which is generating the income that is used for running our social projects.

Haku Tours & Reciprocity want to thank you all for the support and happiness you help us to give to our communities with every donation or tour you take.

Muchas gracias!!! :D

Jean Paul Grillo


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