Reciprocity NGO is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the living conditions in the pueblos jóvenes (shanty towns) of Lima, Peru. We strive to better the lives of those living in extreme poverty through humanitarian projects. Our social work centers around four main pillars: safetyhealth, education, and community. Through our projects, we establish a foundation for communities to build on and to become self-sustainable for the future.

With support from our local and international partners, Reciprocity NGO is able to work closely with the communities. While our work is catered specifically to what they need most, we aim to ensure that the communities have basic infrastructure: safe stairways, day care centers, community centers, & soup kitchens. We also offer scholarships and health & education workshops.

Although we work with the communities as a whole, our focus is on the children. Reciprocity NGO believes that by providing the younger generation with access to education, nutrition, social capital, and (most importantly) HOPE, we are giving them the tools to escape the poverty cycle - in hopes that they will be able to give back to the communities in the future.

"Today for you; tomorrow for me."


Our founder, Edwin Rojas, was born and raised in Villa El Salvador - the first shanty town community in Lima, Peru. Edwin grew up exposed to how the families work together to assure mutual survival, inevitably learning the concept of reciprocity.

Through his dedication to education and his strive to escape poverty, Edwin successfully began his own tour company in Lima: Haku Tours. However, Edwin's affinity to the shanty town communities never dwindled. Using over 75% of Haku Tour's proceeds to run social projects, Edwin has been able to help many communities. After 20+ years of social work, Edwin has gained a lot of support near and far.

Together with a number of local and international contacts and friends who share his passion to help the pueblos jóvenes, Edwin started Reciprocity NGO in 2017. We aim to continue the good work Edwin has started while also continuing to expand on a larger scale so that we can help as many people as possible.


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